Etiquette: Manners

How does a family avoid “anxiety” in social settings. Through out the centuries, it has always been a parenting discipline to raise up our younger generation with the “how-to” act in various settings, when out in public, as well as around the table. Sheryl Eberly states, “Knowing what to expect in a social situation eases the mystery and anxiety for children.”

Around the table tonight, engage in a discussion about what each family member thinks the word Etiquette means.

Next, ask them what it looks like… How do they know when a young person is demonstrating proper manners? What does it look like when a young person is not demonstrating proper manners?

Finally, share one of the times when you did (and then didn’t) show proper manners. What were the benefits and what were the consequences?

**You can always switch out the discussion and be creative… let everyone draw a brief sketch (with out words) for about 5 minutes. Then each family member can show (without telling which “manner” was/wasn’t being followed), while others guess the situation. [Game: Draw my Thoughts, Picture This; Pictionary; or Quick Draw]

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