Kitchen Math

Today’s kitchen math discussion: What do you notice?


Ask your learners to discuss what they notice about this picture?

Next Inquiry: What don’t they know?

Investigation: Pass out a piece of paper and fold in half, then half again (you are making 4×4 inquiry sections). Then give them crayons or colored pencils.

Inquire: How would you share this orange with one other person? What if you had three people to share with? What if there were 6 or 7 friends that wanted some? *Let them have 5-6 minutes to draw their thoughts (with out talking). When they are finished, have them share how they came to their conclusions.

Finally, get an orange and invite them to investigate their solutions: “Let’s investigate!

*Permission was given for use of photo during 2020 Make Math Moments Summit by Alice Aspinall

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