Kitchen Math


Today’s kitchen math discussion: “What do you notice?” (Around the table let everyone discuss each of these sandwiches).

Next Inquiry: “What don’t we know?” As everyone shares, take note of which discussion points could be used as an “I wonder…” comment that would lead the discussion into a deeper discussion about fractions.

Investigation Inquiry: “How would you cut these sandwiches to share with 5 friends?” Next: “What if there were 6 friends?” Finally: “What pattern do you see?”

Share: “In many restaurants and/or Tea rooms, patrons enjoy ordering small pieces of sandwiches as a lunch or late afternoon “tea” delicacy. These lunches average around $12.00. Each plate has 4-5 pieces of various types of “finger” sandwiches (chicken salad; cucumber with cream cheese; smoked salmon with lemon butter; egg salad with a garnish; beef with mustard sauce).

Discuss: “How many sections could you create from one sandwich?” What if your Tea Room had 15-20 tables that seated 4 patrons: “How many sandwiches would you need to make for the first hour your Tea Room was opened?”

Taking the discussion further… ask: “How much do you think each sandwich would cost for you to make vs. how much each patron is paying for their tea luncheon, which includes sandwiches, tea, a cup of seasonal soup, seasonal fruit and 2-3 miniature deserts?”

Tea Room Sandwiches
Serves 2-3

Kitchen Lab: Discuss: “What type of sandwich should we make to discover if our reasoning is accurate?” As a family… create 2 or 3 “finger” sandwiches (cut the crusts off). “Let’s investigate!”

*Permission was given for use of photo during 2020 Make Math Moments Summit by Alice Aspinall

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