Table Manners

Table Manners are important… because?

Your family table is a place of such importance. It is a place in which hunger is satisfied, yet it is so much more. As a gathering place, it provides moments for “catching-up” on how everyone is doing in their daily life. Table moments plant seeds of family values, moments of gratitude for daily provisions, conversations, and manners for character building. Younger members take cues from their parents and grandparents. What to say and do when gathered around the table… at home, in public, and when invited into another’s home. It is our hope that as you preview these Sunday Reflections, you will find discussion topics to be shared at your table.

Around the table today ask each person: “Why do table manners matter?”

Next discuss the images/statements from the above photo (if possible share the photo on phone): “Why should you sit up straight at the table?” *Let everyone share without interruptions, explain that listeners respect those sharing by making eye contact!

Continue discussing the other images/statements.

Finally, discuss which table manner would be your “family manner changer” for tomorrow’s dinner time? *Choose one of the table manners suggestions each day. Practice as a family and remember to use positive comments when these manners are noticed. “May I…”  “Yes, please…” “Please pass the…” “Would you like…” “Thank you for…” “Excuse me…”

Closure: Take this opportunity to hold hands and ask someone to lead a prayer asking our Lord for His strength while we practice these new ____.

“Building character is a seed that will grow into a beautiful representation of whose we are.”

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