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Adventures in Odyssey

Today’s reading investigation: Discuss which cover is intriguing. Ask: “Now that you have looked at these covers, what do you think each of these books would be about?” “Would you choose one of these titles for your to read pile?”

Next: Share the following information about book covers. Book covers are critical for book sales. Quick Discuss: “Do you agree or disagree?” Remind them about respectful listening. Share: Publishers believe that the “first impression” on its potential readers/buyers begins or ends with the cover design.

Skill Discussion: “Why would publishers “believe” this thought is accurate?” “What don’t we know about these statements that we should take in to account?”

What do you notice?

Family sharing: If a successful book cover needs to make a reader ‘feel’ the manuscript rather than ‘tell’ about it… “What do you notice about these covers?” “If it was your job to choose the cover that would go to print… which cover would you choose?”

Discussion “Wrap Up”: Materials: a book they are reading on their own; paper; pencils; colored pencils; crayons or their family learning journal. Ask them to create their own interpretation of the book they are reading. Remind them to include some of the elements from the slide. Later, have a “cover reveal” event (vote only if everyone will agree to the “fun” of a vote).

Family Learning Journals

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