Putting Your Thoughts on Paper: Adventure Fiction

Adventure/Survival stories to be remembered!
  • Gathering materials: family learning journals, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, book they want to write about
  • Reading and Writing Connection: Today’s writing connection is all about exploring the genre known as adventure and/or survival fiction. On the slide above you will see the discussion topic. If you followed this weeks reading investigations or literacy foundations discoveries, please use those book titles or an adventure/survival book of each learner’s choice. Before the discussion ask each learner to open their journals (date the page, write the name of the book that they have chosen, choose which graphic organizer they will use to answer the “penciled” discussion points).
  • Drafting responses: Allow each family member to write their thoughts (10 min). Encourage the youngest members to draw their thoughts and assign someone to be their scribe.
  • Discuss: Let each family member share their adventure/survival outlines. Remind them that respectful listeners make eye contact with the person sharing without interrupting.
  • Those that get done early… ask them to illustrate a scene from their book.

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