Reading Investigations: Autobiographies

Every soul matters… What can we learn from those who have walked before us?
What do you notice… What is your story?
  • Today’s reading investigation: Autobiography about you… What are your thoughts for today?
  • Materials: Gather your Family Learning Journal/paper, pencils, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Discuss: Share the slide above. Let every one share what these titles have in common. Ask: “What do you think these books would tell us about these authors?” Let each family member discuss their predictions (5-6min.). Discuss which book each person would be interested in reading.
  • Skill Discussion: Today, you will be creating a short autobiographySkill Practice: Ask them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Take a few moments to help each other trace their left hand (modeled on the slide above). Little finger: Ask them to write a few words that will describe what makes them happy (2/3 choices). Ring finger: Ask them to write the one house chore/school subject they don’t like doing. Middle finger: Ask them to write their favorite things to do (2/3 choices). Pointer finger: Ask them to write the grade they are in and their age. Thumb: Ask them to write their “nick-name.” If they don’t have one tell them to write a “nick-name” they would like to be called. Palm: Ask them to sketch and color their face (check MrsK’s palm).
  • Discussion Wrap-up: Encourage every to share… including your youngest. Spend a few moments sharing what your choices would have been when you were their age (include the autobiography title you would have read at their age.
  • FVRL holds: Request one of the autobiography titles from the slide
Family Learning Journals: One for each family member.

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