Sunday Reflections: Manners

Family meals… Family learning… Family sharing… Family growing… Blessings!

Family Learning: Let’s not confuse traditional behaviors with good manners. The definition of etiquette is gender neutral – it simply means we strive at all times to ensure a person in our company feels at ease.” Lynn Coady

  • Discuss: Read this quote a loud. Ask: “What is this author telling us?”
  • Next: Discuss what “striving at all times” look like? *Let everyone share without interruptions, explain that listeners respect those sharing by making eye contact!
  • Share: “What might be one way you could ensure that someone you meet feels ‘at ease’ when they are around you?” Discuss the time of day or the place that offers an opportunity to treat someone like a guest. Lead them in discovering those opportunities (on the bus, at lunch, on the playground, at the cash register, etc.).
  • Then: Let everyone choose their “at ease” changer for the coming week. *At dinner this week have everyone share their “at ease” changer moments for the day.
  • Closure: Take this opportunity to hold hands and ask someone to lead a prayer asking our Lord for His strength while we practice these new “at ease” changers.

“Building character… is a seed that will grow… into a beautiful representation of… Whose we are.”

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