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Fall 30 Day Reading Challenge

With our season changing, why not try a 30 day picture book challenge. Fort Vancouver Regional Library is a wonderful… fall… weekend retreat! Grab a pen and a piece of paper.

  • First: Ask everyone to help find any picture books in your house. Make a list of the picture books you will need to look for on your trip to the library.
  • Check: Does everyone have their library cards? Assign: Go over the list of picture books and add a name to who will find which book for the challenge.
  • Road Trip Destination: Head down into Battle Ground for your Fort Vancouver Library discoveries. You might check Literary Leftovers for any picture books not found at the library, I believe a used book store is always a great adventure!
  • Next: Stop by Inspired Learning for MrsK’s storytime at 2:00pm
  • Finally: Once you get home, are ready for bed… celebrate a family story time challenge together (using the challenge slide above). Happy Fall Reading!

As we move forward, it is our hope that Inspired Learning becomes a source of learning hope, inspiration, and an area destination for learning support, resources, community workshops, and your local new/used bookshop!

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