Inking Thoughts: Who You Are Today

Creating a new journal entry for this school year!
  • Putting Your Thoughts on Paper: Every reading and writing connection uses the front and back of each page and is dated. These family learning discussions are each person’s valued thoughts. These pages should be considered as a “learning” scrapbook.
  • Gathering materials: family learning journals, pencils, colored pencils, crayons
  • Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic/skill.
  • Reading and Writing Connection: Getting to Know You: Ask everyone to write about the following (6-10 minutes) first page of their Family Learning journals (if you are using notebook paper… these should be gathered and kept until journals can be purchased… then they can be trimmed to fit and glued/taped into the individual notebooks). *Remind them to leave enough space for their sketching.
  • Drafting responsesGuide: “Just for today, you will be drafting a new school year page in your journal.”
  • Hello, my name is__________.
  • I am in the grade.
  • My favorite book is _.
  • My favorite place to be is __.
  • I want to know more about __ (nonfiction topic: animals, sports, crafts, etc.)
  • *As soon as they have written their answers, they can begin sketching one of their favorite answers. *Please help the younger family members by writing their answers for them.
  • Next: Discuss: Let each family member share their “About Me” creation. Remind them that respectful listeners make eye contact with the person sharing without interrupting.
  • Finally: Visual Ideas… Putting your ideas/learning into your learning journal. Doodling can actually help you focus and make it easier to listen. It can relieve stress and improve productivity. It can also help in memory retention; doodle a number or word or image that pertains to what’s being addressed and it’s more likely to stay with you. When your hands are occupied, you can transfer some of that nervous energy to the paper and allow your mind to focus.

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