Reading Investigations: Thanksgiving

One Night a Week… One Family… One Read Aloud… Priceless!

  • Today’s reading investigation: Historical truth about the First Thanksgiving. Primary resources are the most valuable re-counting for any investigation. The above Wallbuilders link will provide access to a quick family history account of our Nation’s first Thanksgiving.
  • Family Sharing: “Who were the Pilgrims?*Invite everyone to share. Discuss: “Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation?”; “When did the United States declare Thanksgiving as a national holiday?” *Before having a guided enquiry, take some time before gathering to check out the primary resource link for documented facts.
  • Materials: family learning journals/paper, pencils, colored pencils, and/or crayons. Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic/skill.
  • Guided enquiry: “Today’s discovery is about Thanksgiving, our country’s National Holiday. Draft a paragraph about what we’ve discovered.”
  • Next: Allow everyone 10-15 minutes to put their thoughts on paper.
  • Skill Discussion: “Let’s share what you’ve penned! Encourage everyone to share… including your youngest. Spend a few moments sharing how you made choices when you were their age.
  • Discussion Wrap-Up: *If you’re interested in more information on historic American Thanksgiving across the centuries, WallBuilders has a collection of Thanksgiving proclamations from various state governors & presidents as well as a collection of historical sermons on the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving celebrations.
Players compete by making lists of words that all start with the same letter. C O R N or G I V E. On their paper draw 4 columns for either of these 4 letter words. Round 1= C. Round 2= O. Round 3= R. Round 4= N. Score one point for every word you put on your list that no one else puts on theirs. At the end of the game, the winner is whoever has the most points.
Happy Pre-Thanksgiving…. Blessings!

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