Kitchen Math: December Ratios

What do you notice?
  • Today’s kitchen math discussion: “What do you notice about the ratio slide?”
  • Next Inquiry: “What don’t you know?”
  • Investigation: Materials: paper/pencils/colored pencils/crayons or family learning journals (back of journal). Remind them to turn to the next available page and date it. Ask them to write the name for today’s kitchen math.
  • Inquire: “How would you decide how many marshmallows would fit in a 12 ounce cup of cocoa?”  “What if your cup was only an 8 ounce cup?”   “What might you do if the cup couldn’t hold all of the liquid and the marshmallows?” *Let them have 5-6 minutes to draft their thoughts (without talking). *Ask them to answer the inquiry questions. Then ask them to write their ratio equations using the examples above. When they are finished, have them share how they came to their conclusions.
  • Kitchen Lab: Discuss: “What necessary ratios would we need to know in order to create the Reindeer Hot Cocoa gift?”; “What ingredients would we need?”; “If we used baggies to keep the Reindeer fresh, how many would we need?”; “What would be the order (steps) in the process if we made 10 of these Reindeer?”; “Who would we give them to?”

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