Math B4 Bed: December Decimals

What do you notice?
  • B4 Bed Thoughts: *Let everyone see the image. Discuss: “What do you notice?”
  • Next: Ask: What do you not know?”
  • Next: Discuss which patterns are visible in the slide above. Ask: “How would you shade these decimals in you journal?” Discuss: “Does it matter if the decimal is a 0.5 or a 0.50?”; “Why?” This is a great opportunity to discuss decimal relationships with money (a dollar is a whole $1.00 and a decimal 0.5/0.50 would be the same as $0.50/50 cents).
  • Materials: pass out paper and pencils or have them use the back of their learning journals for math thoughts). *Remind them to use a new page, add today’s date, and a title for the learning image. *Encourage the younger family members to draw what they think the answer might be.
  • Show us…put your reasoning to the test: Invite everyone to pick 4 of these decimal examples. Remind them to re-create the drawing (younger members could do 1 decimal recreation).
  • Finally: Ask each member to share what they believe an equation and solution might be. Review what an active listener looks like.
  • Lesson extension: “Does the decimal change position if we use 0.5/0.50 if we were breaking a Hersey’s chocolate bar into pieces that would be equal portions (fractions)?”

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