Math B4 Bed: Holiday Place Value

What do you notice?
  • B4 Bed Thoughts: *Let everyone see the image. Discuss: “What do you notice?”
  • Next: Ask: What do you not know?”
  • Next: Discuss which patterns are visible in the slide above. Ask: “Which place value image would you choose to day for your math investigation?”
  • Materials: pass out paper and pencils or have them use the back of their learning journals for math thoughts). *Remind them to use a new page, add today’s date, and a title for the learning image.
  • Show us…put your reasoning to the test:
  • Merry & Bright: learning target is to round each of the bulbs to the nearest tens/hundreds/thousands/ten-thousands. *Example: 3,528 = 3,500. 1) Round the number up to the nearest hundred if the last two digits in the number are 50 or above. 2) Round the number down to the nearest hundred if the last two digits in the number are 49 or below. 3) If the last two digits are 00, then leave it as is.
  • Christmas Stocking: Expanded Form: ia way of writing numbers to see the math value of individual digits. Example: Expanded form: 8,369 = 8,000 + 300 + 60 + 9; Word form: eight thousand + three hundred + sixty + nine.
  • Candy Cane Count: Begin by creating a three column box labeled as tens/ones/in all (6 are needed). The bundled candy canes equal 10. The individual candy canes represent 1. Example: 1 bundle = 1 in the tens column. 6 individuals = 6 in the ones column. In all total = 16.
  • Finally: Ask each member to share what they believe an equation and solution might be. Review what an active listener looks like.
  • Math extension: Today’s math extension is the “Christmas Lights” roll a number. Begin by re-creating a two column box (tens/ones) for each of the colored lights (red, purple, blue, yellow, green). Next, role one dice and add the number in a light column. Continue rolling the dice until all columns for all lights are filled. Next, ask a learner to add the light totals together. Learning target: “How many lights were on the Christmas tree?” *Should have a three columned number (hundreds/tens/ones). Finally, have each member make an estimate of how many lights might be on your Christmas tree or your town’s Christmas tree.

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