Kitchen Math: Making fractions in the Kitchen

What do you notice?
  • Today’s kitchen math discussion: “What do you notice?”
  • Next Inquiry: “What don’t you know?”
  • Investigation: Materials: paper/pencils/colored pencils/crayons or family learning journals (back of journal). Remind them to turn to the next available page and date it. Ask them to write the name for today’s kitchen math.
  • Inquire: “What could we find in our kitchen that would give us an opportunity to create some fractions from a whole?”; “How would you divide the food into a half?” ; “What if you wanted smaller portions, how would you take the halves and divide them into enough sections for you and 2 other family members?” ;  “What if there was company coming over, how many food portions would you need?” *Let them have 5-6 minutes to draft their thoughts (without talking). When they are finished, have them share how they came to their conclusions.
  • Extension: Using the slide above, ask each learner to recreate the grade leveled practice sheet in their journal. Allow the younger ones to discuss the KD-1st option. Then let them draw and label one of the fraction cylinders.
  • Kitchen Lab: Discuss: “What type of food is in our pantry that we could recreate some fractions in order to discover if our reasoning is accurate? *Invite them to investigate their solutions: “Let’s investigate!” (apple slices with cheese sails; waffles or pancakes; soda cracker sandwiches; orange sections; banana slices; etc).

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