Literary Foundations: Exploring the Unknown… Arctic Biographies

What do you notice?
  • Making the family connection: Discuss: What do you notice on the slide above?
  • Materials: family learning journals/paper, pencils, colored pencils, and/or crayons. Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic/skill.
  • Today’s literary connection: subject. Guided enquiry: *Today’s literary foundation’s exploration is about searching and learning from non-fiction sources. Below are the links for each of today’s explorations:
  • Explorer’s: Shackleton; Amundsen; Scott
  • Life in the Arctic
  • Iditarod
  • Northern Lights: Aurora borealis
Taking notes… Which format works for your explorations today?
  • Next: *Provide time for all learners to pre-create their learning journal page. Then link on their chosen exploration link. Remind them to use bulleted notes as they are learning. Finally, have them create a biographical sketch about their discovery. *The outline above provides a variety of ideas that could be included in their biography report. *Youngest learners could draw and color a picture (scribe a label and one or two facts).

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