Dr. Seuss Day

How much do you know about Dr. Seuss?
  • Today’s reading investigation: Dr. Seuss… who was he?
  • Family Sharing: Why is Dr. Seuss so important to readers in America?” *Invite everyone to share. Discuss which Dr. Seuss books you enjoyed.
  • Materials: For today, you can share the slides and have fun filling in the blanks together!
  • Extensions: The links on each slide are provided below:
  • Seussville: This site is created for parents, teachers, and all Dr. Seuss learners. link
  • Seuss in Springfield: Excellent biographical resource to learn more about Dr. Seuss. link
  • Seuss Hats off to Reading: Many reading videos for Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration. link
More Seuss fun!
Did you have green eggs and ham for breakfast?
  • Discussion Wrap-Up: If you haven’t already… get into comfortable pajamas, grab some popcorn, locate any/all Dr. Seuss books in your home… have a great Dr. Seuss read-a-loud book share!

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