Literary Foundations: Creating a Legend

What legend will you write?
  • Putting Your Thoughts on Paper: A Family Legend
  • Gathering materials: family learning journals, pencils, colored pencils, crayons. Reading and Writing Connection: Drafting a family legend. Begin by discussing and choosing a funny family event that would make a perfect family legend.
  • Next: Invite someone to be the family’s scribe. Share the legend steps from the slide above while the family scribe takes notes.
  • Finally: Ask the scribe to share the notes and discuss changes and descriptive terms.
  • Drafting responses: Once the scribe has the legend outline allow (10 min) for them to draft the family’s legend. While they are drafting encourage the youngest members to draw the beginning-middle-end illustrations for the family legend.
  • Gather everyone for your family legend time!

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