Reading Reflections: Epic Reads

When it comes to helping children learn to read, experts say the role of audiobooks is twofold: to help children with the process of identifying words by modeling fluent reading and expanding their vocabulary, as well as helping motivate new or struggling readers by giving them a taste of how fun reading can be.

  • Making the family connection: Discuss: Which title should we pick for our Tuesday “Fluency” practice?
  • Today’s literary connection: Once their journal page is created, ask them to list the title of the fluency book they’ve chosen.
  • Guided enquiry: Ask: “What would be your prediction about the book’s storyline?”; “Who might be in the story?”; “What settings might the main character encounter?”
  • Next: Using the link under the slide, login to EPIC. Type in the title of the book chosen and enjoy. Once the reading investigation is over, remind them to rate their predictions between 1-5 (1-not on topic; 2-close; 3-somewhat; 4-good prediction; 5-Spot On!).

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