Sunday Reflections: Witnessing His Light!

Family meals… Family Learning… Family Sharing… Family Growing… Blessings!

What do you notice?
  • Around the table today ask each person why being mindful that Jesus’ light shines through us unto those we are around every day… matters? If our actions speak louder than words… then what does our thoughts, actions, and words say about us and our respect towards others?
  • Next read and discuss Jn 8:20. *Let everyone share without interruptions, explain that listeners respect those sharing by making eye contact!
  • Finally, share “What is one area of your daily life you would like to witness to others?” Guide them to consider if they have problems blaming others, gossiping instead of walking away, judging others, and/or an offensive attitude. *Let everyone choose their “His Light” changer.
  • Closure: Take this opportunity to hold hands and ask someone to lead a prayer asking our Lord for His strength while we practice these new “His Light” changers.
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