MrsK’s Book Hooks: Story Time with Brad Meltzer
  • Story time with Brad Meltzer (use the link above for the videos): Who was… ? These biographies are brilliantly woven, readers of all ages will enjoy listening while reading… then invite them to write a paragraph about that person. Remind them to list the person’s name, why they think that person impacted our country and the world. As well as, why they will remember … about them.
  • Summertime is the perfect “free choice” uninterrupted reading exploration! Locate a book, spend some time outside… on the porch… under a tree… in a tree house… enjoy a quiet adventure beyond your back yard!
  • Inspired Learning Summer Camp begins July 5th… contact MrsK if you are interested!
  • Have you created a family… or individual… Bookopolis account? This site is the best and safest site for learners to discover new book choices. To learn to review the books they are reading for others to discover. Check out this site with your parent/guardian and begin looking for your next read. Bookopolis is the best site….

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