Reading Reflections: Reading Books in a Series

Which of these series have you read?

Family Sharing: Hank the Cowdog has been a favorite series for many families.
Whether used as a read-aloud in their homes or used as an audio on the road, this series
brings strong characterization and delightfully humorous situations.
Discuss: “Which
books have we shared as a family read aloud did you like the best?”
*Invite everyone
to share.

  • Family Sharing: A family read-aloud (including audio story time) fosters cherished memories with an all-new adventure. Nurturing and raising up a life-long learner entails moments in which the joy of sharing book discussions engages individual inquiry skills (predictions; clarifications; personal connections; sensory/emotional processing). Reading fluency is modeled with the “wonder and art” of weaving a story which provides engaging word choice, multi-faceted characteristics, life decisions (benefits/consequences), and thoughtful questioning. *Invite everyone to share. Discuss which book series they would choose for their series exploration (seasonal reads, favorite author, non-fiction selections, etc.).
  • Materials: family learning journals/paper, pencils, colored pencils, and/or crayons. Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic/skill.
  • Guided enquiry: Today, you will write the title/author of a book series that you think you might enjoy. You can even recreate the cover from the slide. Then draft a prediction about . what you think the book might be about. Don’t forget to draft the “why” you might like that book series (already a book in the series, read a book by that author, hope it might be a story like____, etc.).
  • Next: Allow everyone 10-15 minutes to put their thoughts on paper.
  • Skill Discussion: “Let’s share what you’ve penned! Encourage everyone to share… including your youngest. Spend a few moments sharing how you made choices when you were their age (include the titles or what your book was about, as well as why it remains a “Good Fit” favorite).

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