Literary Foundations: Constitution Day 9/17/1787

Read Aloud… Discuss… Learn more… Understand… Never let it go!
  • Today’s literary skill: American History… Our US Constitution
  • Making the family connection: Share, read, and discuss the slide above: What makes our Constitution so important to our nation?”
  • Materials: family learning journals/paper, pencils, colored pencils, and/or crayons. Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic/skill.
  • Ask: “What should you write down about our Constitution that would help you remember its importance to our nation and each individual citizen with our states?” *Allow the youngest to narrate their thoughts and invite them to draw a picture to go with their idea.
What made our “founding fathers” so sure that this document would establish freedom to our Nation?
  • Next: Discuss the meaning of these words from our founding father, George Washington: From the beginning of America’s history, the Founding Fathers realized that the citizens must study the Constitution and its principles. For instance, George Washington explained that it was necessary to ensure, the education of our youth in the science of government…” 
  • Finally: Discuss and research how our founding fathers relied upon, quoted, and prayed over the exact phrasing for our constitution. When you start looking for “Where did they get this idea?” Where does that phrase come from?” “Where does that specific sentence come from?” “Is that an original thought and idea, or is that something you find in the Bible?

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