MrsK’s Book Hooks: Bookopolis & Goodreads

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Inspiring a love of reading: By the time learners reach 7th grade, they are either “hooked” on a graphic novel… or perhaps they have a certain book theme or author that they are willing to read (especially if a silent reading book is required). What they have not learned yet, is how a “safe” social media platform, such as Bookopolis (MS) or Goodreads (HS+), would guide them in discovering engaging books beyond what their friends are reading.

  • Tracking their own reading success: Reading targets (goals) have been established since primary school (Book Logs). As adults, most life-long readers have developed their own system for choosing books. Beyond a home library, readers today discuss book choices with friends, relatives, as well as on their social media pages.
  • Discovering personal interests: Seeing what others are “saying” (book reviews) about old or new book titles is an amazing sense of independence. Recommendations encourage readers to get out of their “comfort” level and expand their ability to make rational choices.
  • Socially Safe: Bookopolis is an age appropriate “closed” platform. Readers 13+ can create their own accounts, yet a parent/teacher can create a “closed” group which provides an avenue to view what is being discussed.

As we move forward, it is our hope that Inspired Learning becomes a source of learning hope, inspiration, and an area destination for learning support, resources, community workshops, and your local new/used bookshop!

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