Reading Investigations: Meet the Author…Brad Meltzer

Meet the Author: Brad Meltzer… This author… this 9/11 flag finder… this ordinary man is a “people” historian. Whether he is researching and writing about historical events, biographies, or daily living perspectives, Brad is an author who sees the possibilities within each of us. He chooses historical lives that have made a difference in America’s history, as well as those lives that have impacted the world.

Today’s most quoted author!

The Ordinary People series is a compelling introduction into the lives of those whom have faced diversities with a spirit of kindness, determination, bravery, and passion. Historical perspectives helps us learn compassion, grit, and resourcefulness.

  • Today’s reading investigation: Ordinary People Biographies
  • Family Sharing: “What do you notice about these book covers? *Invite everyone to share. Discuss which biographies they would choose to investigate.
  • Skill Discussion: In your journal, let’s web a list of people to read about.” (6-10 min)
  • Encourage every to share… including your youngest. Spend a few moments sharing how you made choices if/when you were their age (include the titles or what your book was.
  • Discussion Wrap-Up: Let’s take our lists to the library/Let’s go online at FVRL and request these titles for pick-up.”

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