Inking Thoughts: Fall Leaves… Acrostic Poetry

Family fall outing + poetry designs
  • Gathering materials: family learning journals, pencils, crayons (red, green, brown, and yellow), and the leaves gathered from a family walk about! Remind them to open their journals to the next available page and date it. Don’t forget to have them label the top of the page with today’s learning topic.
  • Reading and Writing Connection: Seasonal Acrostic poetry: Leaf rubbings
  •  For today’s fall etching there are two different writings that can be used: First drafting: Using the gathered leaves, ask them to write about their favorite memory in looking for the leaves they want to etch on this page (the writing prompt is on the slide above). Once their memory is recorded, guide them as they proof read their spelling and their punctuation. Finally, let them place one leaf at a time under the page (vein side up) and rub their crayons over the leaf (continue the rubbing of the leaves until they are satisfied with the fall design).
  • Second drafting: Create a family F-A-L-L acrostic poem. Ask them to write the word “FALL” along the left side of the paper (red margin line, skipping a line between the letters). Each capital letter has it’s own line (see the example picture below). Have a discussion about which adjectives (descriptive words/phrases) they could write for the “F” (Falling leaves; Fabulous fun; etc.). Once the letter “F” is completed move on to the “A” letter. Continue drafting the “L” letters. Finally, follow the leaf rubbing directions listed above.
  • Drafting responses: Allow each family member to write their thoughts (15 min). Encourage the youngest members to draw their thoughts and assign someone to be their scribe.
  • Finally: Discuss: Let each family member share their “FALL“ creation. Remind them that respectful listeners make eye contact with the person sharing without interrupting.
Acrostic poem examples

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