Kitchen Math: Pumpkin Investigations

Pumpkin Estimation
  • Today’s kitchen math discussion: “What do you notice?”
  • Next Inquiry: “What don’t you know?”
  • Investigation: Materials: a pumpkin, paper/pencils/colored pencils/crayons or family learning journals (back of journal). Remind them to turn to the next available page and date it. Ask them to write the name for today’s kitchen math (Pumpkin Estimation).
  • Using the slide above: First set up their journal page using the pumpkin investigation headings (on the slide above). Ask them to count the lines (sections) on the outside of the pumpkin and record their answer.
  • Step 1 & 2: Measure and weigh the pumpkin. Record the measurements. Next ask them to estimate if the pumpkin will float or sink in your sink’s water (steps 3 & 4). Record if the pumpkin sank or floated.
  • Finally: Ask them to estimate the number of seeds inside the pumpkin, remind them to record their estimation.
  • Kitchen Lab: Discuss: “How could we discover if our estimation is accurate? *Invite them to investigate their solutions: “Let’s investigate!” Cut open the pumpkin and count the seeds! Record their estimations.
  • Inquire: “How would you decorate a pumpkin?”  “Would it matter if you painted the pumpkin or carved the pumpkin?” *Let them have 5-6 minutes to draft their thoughts (without talking). Encourage them to draw and color. a picture of their pumpkin on the entry page When they are finished, have them share how they decided the look of their pumpkin creation.
  • Pumpkin Extension #1: Read together the poems from the slide above. Ask them to turn to the next available page at the front of their learning journal and date the page. Have them create their own version of the P_U_M_P_K_I_N acrostic poem. Ask them to illustrate their poem with a fall border.
  • Pumpkin Extension #2: Pumpkin Counting, guide the youngest ones to count the pumpkins in the graph (slide above). They can recreate the graph, color, and answer how many pumpkins are in each column.
  • Pumpkin Extension #3: Pumpkin Seeds: (1 whole Pumpkin Gutted, Olive Oil, Table Salt) When they’re nice and dry, go ahead and preheat the oven to 250 degrees for 1 hour. Allow the seeds to dry several hours or overnight. And beware: they’re quite sticky/slimy, so don’t place them on paper towels! Just leave them on the baking sheet and they’ll be fine.

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