Last hours for Placing Your Bid

Last auction day… Auction closes at 9:00 tonight! Take another look at these baskets… Patriots Strong has a Fargher Lakehouse certificate. Angler’s Peace has a new spinning wheel and Clint Black coffee. Outdoor Enthusiast (hunters) has an elk bag and extras including Clint Black coffee. The Under Construction is a DIY for any home improvement,Continue reading “Last hours for Placing Your Bid”

Tuesday’s Auction Countdown

Have you taken a look at IL’s Online Auction site? With IL’s online auction beginning August 1st… this coming Sunday, it is our hope that you are excited to see what auction items have been donated by our local Yacolt, Amboy, and Battle Ground businesses and independent vendors have gathered for this auction. Today’s featuredContinue reading “Tuesday’s Auction Countdown”

New IL Auction Items

Have you taken a look at IL’s Online Auction site? Today’s auction baskets are: Angler’s Peace; Country Cupboard; Creative Designs; Kitchen Sweetness; Outdoor Enthusiast; Patriots Strong; Stitched With Love; Under Construction; and Touch of Love. What are you waiting for… Take a look and get registered… Auction begins August 1-5