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Learning beyond the classroom:

This is an amazing time in our American history, all of us have the opportunity to remain connected in times of struggle. We can reach out and encourage others with our strength, talents, and small gifts of support. We have an abundance of online learning opportunities which will provide our future success as our life unfolds.

IL has chosen a few “online” learning links for your daily mind-energizer:

*IL student login codes can be found at your IL DoJo connection.

  • Reading comprehension is the foundation for all other learning and knowledge. Readworks can be used as a quick “article for the day.” Students can choose historical, scientific, and artistic articles at their independent reading levels.

Readworks: https://www.readworks.org/student-authentication

Parent connection: https://about.readworks.org/parents.html

Unlimited “inquiry based” discoveries. This sight provides an interactive connection with the world. It is an encyclopedia of knowledge and explorations.

Parent connection: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/how-it-works

Video book sharing by authors. The best experience with a book is when someone is reading to you and you can listen to the delightful crafting of language as it unfolds in your imagination.

Day by day learning projects to keep every student learning (K-6+).

Learners today have an opportunity to learn about the world around them from these news articles. For middle school+ students, these articles will inspire opportunities for home discussions about today’s concerns.

Parent connection: https://newsela.com/about/solutions/compare

Math concepts presented for all grades through college levels. IL learners have codes per grade level, contact us for the codes.

US government, what makes America great… with freedom. What is all the fuss about? Learners in America can learn about how our government functions. Ages 4-14+

Every learner has access to learning beyond their classroom… no sign-in is required for these discoveries.

Just a quick note to parents,

With every daily “down time” moment, your learners can find excellent learning opportunities online other than “gaming” time. IL will continue to share these links at IL’s library Wiki link, just click the link for further explorations.

Throughout the centuries there have been four truths:

  1. Faith keeps you rooted and provides an inner strength to move forward.
  2. Choosing to read every day of your life provides understanding, guidance, and pathways.
  3. Journaling your thoughts, experiences, joys, and sorrows provides clarity of the mind.
  4. Choosing to be a life-long learner provides wisdom… we seek to know and understand… we practice and create… we experience… and we seek to understand history for our future.

WallBuilders: https://wallbuilders.com/study-view/

US history for ages 16+. Excellent articles for primary resources about America and its founding fathers. Government documents, what is really written? Constitution, why should we once again be teaching this document? https://coach.patriotacademy.com/welcome/

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