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This is an amazing time in our American history, all of us have the opportunity to remain connected in times of struggle. We can reach out and encourage others with our strength, talents, and small gifts of support. We have an abundance of online learning opportunities which will provide our future success as our life unfolds.

IL has chosen a few “online” learning links for your daily mind-energizer:

At Home Reading Connections
  • Reading Works: https://www.readworks.org/ Reading comprehension is the foundation for all other learning and knowledge. Readworks can be used as a quick “article for the day.” Students can choose historical, scientific, and artistic articles at their independent reading levels. Parent connection: https://about.readworks.org/parents.html
  • Reading Rockets: https://www.readingrockets.org/books So many books… so many author videos. Penguin Publishing has created a web-connect that in which reading opportunities are endless. Caution… have paper and pencil ready for writing down titles/author names! Then go to the FVRL library connection below to place a hold for pick up!
  • FVRL (Fort Vancouver Regional Library): http://www.fvrl.org/connect

Video book sharing by authors. The best experience with a book is when someone is reading to you and you can listen to the delightful crafting of language as it unfolds in your imagination.

Story Time Learning… Watch… Listen… Read Together…
  • Scholastic Distance Learning: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html
  • Storyline Online: https://storylineonline.net/ An excellent site for great stories. You are given the choice to choose which source for viewing. We prefer the School Tube vs. You Tube. Once you’ve made your choice, Storyline will always open in the tube of your choice.
  • EPIC: https://www.getepic.com/students Homeschoolers can use the code listed on the slide above. School district learners usually have a teacher’s code with books that have been individually selected by their school teacher. EPIC shuts down by 4:00pm.
  • Unite for Literacy: https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/ This site is an international read-aloud story time site that allows you to change which language is needed. It has been an outstanding book choice for those moments of helping readers learn fluency skills and individualized word recognition skills.
  • Publisher YouTube Book Trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjvc6fGF9II Harper Collins has it’s own book trailers, which is perfect for ensuring that there is no “random” outsourcing.
  • Starfall Education: https://www.starfall.com/h/ This is a free primary learning site. Only certain choices will be available. This site is a wonderful resource that we have used with all of our primary learners (pre-K thru 2nd).
  • Scholastic 65 Book Videos: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/65-book-videos-build-excitement-summer-reading/ So many great book trailers and author videos. This has been a favorite “closing” resource for in class and homeschooling last few minutes of a school day.
  • Of course ending the final 20 minutes of the school day with a book has always been the favored read-aloud. Sharing a story time with a closing of the book, at just the “right” reading “hook,” leaves them wanting more before they are excused. This type of story time can only happen in person vs. online… yet… it can happen in any home or in any classroom!
  • Julie’s Library: https://www.julieslibraryshow.org/ Julie Andrews and her daughter started this site at the beginning of the Covid19 shut down. Who is better that Mary Poppins for a story time!
  • Read and Sing: http://www.loving2learn.com/SuperSubjects/MusicMusicMusic/ReadandSing.aspx This site has been a wonderful playtime, naptime, and bedtime resource for helping our littles learn the art of listening. Listening is an early learning skill that helps them get ready for school life. They learn language, word play, folklore, and music appreciation at birth… bring this enrichment into the daily learning time. Day by day learning projects to keep every student learning (K-6+).
At home math connections…
  • Kahn Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/ There is no age or grade limit for all of the various math videos. This site is used to help any learner struggling with math concepts while practicing in school or at home assignments.
  • Math Before Bed: https://mathbeforebed.com/start-here/ Our “go-to” for our Family Learning Calendar math moments.
  • Chess Kid: https://www.chesskid.com/videos/an-introduction-to-chess When an early learner is introduced to the “game” of chess, their memory storage learns “how” to manage information. Providing young learners with problem-solving gaming like chess (checkers, solitaire, Yahtzee) builds mathematical abilities and concentration skills (original, creative, and critical thinking).
  • Battleship Online: https://www.battleshiponline.org/ Playing the game of Battleship provides strategic planning skills. Warning… there will be shout-outs at the computer… so let them express their frustration when the computer “sinks” their battleship!
  • IXL: https://www.ixl.com/inspiration/learninghub The IXL learning hub is used by most school districts, check to see if your learner already has a login with skills chosen by their teacher. If you are homeschooling, you can use certain learning videos and games for free, or register each learner for assessment tracking.
  • Cool Math: https://www.coolmathgames.com/1-number-games Great math bridge between Starfalls and Kahn Academy. It has been used in most schools, yet upper grades need critical thinking “depth” vs. “practice” skill time.

Math concepts presented for all grades through college levels. IL learners have codes per grade level, contact us for the codes.

At home learning… Historical truth should not be forgotten… Our past guides our future!
  • Ben’s Guide: https://bensguide.gpo.gov/ US government, what makes America great… with freedom. What is all the fuss about? Learners in America can learn about how our government functions. Ages 4-14+
  • WallBuilders: https://wallbuilders.com/study-view/ Our “go-to” for historical truth. David Barton is one of the most respected historians. The Barton’s value the use of primary resources. Constitutional artifacts, as well as historical biographies are historically accurate and uncensored.
  • Duggar Family: https://www.patriotacademy.com/ US history for ages 16+. Excellent articles for primary resources about America and its founding fathers. Government documents, what is really written? Constitution, why should we once again be teaching this document?
  • Ducksters: https://www.ducksters.com/ American history, World history, Geography, and so much more. This is a great introduction all curricular subjects (K-4).
  • Little Patriots: https://littlepatriotslearning.com/homeschools/ The American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots program so families and teachers have a free, online resource they can use to teach children civics lessons, history, and American values.
  • National Constitution Center: https://constitutioncenter.org/blog The National Constitution Center was created by President Ronald Reagan as a center that would help all American’s learn the governmental truth and guidance of the U.S. Constitution. This blog provides resource topics about how our Constitution aligns with the challenging and/or divisive partisanship between politicians. Knowing how the Constitution should be used is paramount to how we should be voting for those seeking our wishes for our country.
  • IL library Social Studies page coming soon! Three sites showcased on the above slide (American History; History Link/WA State; and Colonial Williamsburg) will be added soon. Until then, please do a Google search with the addresses from the slides.

Just a quick note to parents, With every daily “down time” moment, your learners can find excellent learning opportunities online other than “gaming” time. IL will continue to share these links at IL’s library Wiki link, just click the link for further explorations. 

Pages of Truth link

Throughout the centuries there have been four truths:

  1. Faith keeps you rooted and provides an inner strength to move forward.
  2. Choosing to read every day of your life provides understanding, guidance, and pathways.
  3. Journaling your thoughts, experiences, joys, and sorrows provides clarity of the mind.
  4. Choosing to be a life-long learner provides wisdom… we seek to know and understand… we practice and create… we experience… and we seek to understand history for our future.


Go to IL’s Family Learning Calendar for daily learning discoveries!

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