Library Skills

What do you know about how a library is organized?

Welcome readers, when anyone enters a public or school library you will notice:

  • Books, bookshelves, magazines, computer banks, newspapers, art work
  • People searching and browsing, people working, people working together, people reading and writing, people smiling, people contemplating what they are looking at
  • It is quiet! People are using whisper voices only… unless there is story time or a special guest or a musical concert is process…

In any case, inquiry minds want to know… and so the searching continues. A quest for what is unknown, what happened in the past, what might happen “if…,” and simply just for the fun of it.

Follow this link for Library Skill Investigations

Below you can browse while you learn what is considered fiction and what is considered nonfiction. Either way… Enjoy your discoveries… MrsK

Online Library Skill page:
Dewey Decimal Catalogue System for Non-Fiction Discoveries

How much do you know about “Genre”? Can you recognize the difference between fiction genres or nonfiction resources? What about “primary” resources? Could you win a Genre Battle?

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction link

Visuword Dictionary… link


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