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Truth Seekers…Seek Him…

Inspired learners have journeyed through out time seeking truth… With every click of the clock, New Years Eve rings in the truth as recorded over 2021 years ago.

Explorers sought freedom for our generation…
Yesterday’s parents… were burdened with unknown tomorrows for their children.

Time has not changed for today’s parents. This page is a resource… whether you are a new parent or a grandparent. Whether you have littles or adult children. Whether you are choosing public, private, or homeschooling. This page serves as a resource for planting the seeds of faith. All learning begins with a purpose and leads to personal choices. These “show-cased” sources are a bookshelf for exploration. Please keep in mind that religion is a personal foundation. Faith-filled resources are available, especially if their message is aligned with God’s Word.

If it takes a village to raise a child… then we are standing with you… Below are excellent resources for evening reflections, bible recommendations, individualized moments with God’s instruction, and ideas for daily family learning:

Adventure Bible Website: Great online bible site for letting your learner explore God’s word. Quiz scripture passages; Explore bible history; Learn bible lessons. To learn more: Parent link

Adventures in Odyssey: When our littles were riding in the car… that’s when our family enjoyed the many adventures in Whit’s End. Now the next generation is learning how to make good choices, ask forgiveness and make amends, plus learn about character principles. To gain independent access please use the codes listed above (in the arrow) once you’ve copied and pasted the website address in the browser. To try free episodes use this link. To learn more: Parent link

Adventure Bible Study: Quick bible study outline for your family’s moments with God’s Word.

Trusted Book Reviews for your learners:

Check back often for new resources….