Homeschooling Consultant and Coaching Services

Inspired Learning’s consultants and coaches are retired educators that are continuing their passion into our community with a devotion to serve our homeschool families.

As caring, compassionate, and concerned educators it is our goal is to provide confidence, support, and peace of mind in your choice and a successful transition from a classroom into your home learning environment.

  • Organizing and scheduling your homeschool day
  • Tweaking your curriculum to your family’s needs
  • Figuring out your homeschooling style.
  • Choosing curriculum to fit your style.
  • Sharing and choosing curriculum, resources, and educational tips.
  • Homeschooling support group: What works… What isn’t working… Family Learning Calendar (online integrated technology).
Bloom’s Taxonomy: 1st levels: Remembering-Understanding-Applying. Higher levels: Analyzing-Evaluating-Creating

  • Bookopolis: Is a safe-free book discovery site for learners in 3rd grade and above. After years of Young Adults and Adults using the web connection of Goodreads, teachers wanted to connect classroom students with book reviews written by kids. link
  • Little Cozy Nook: Read-Alouds! Wonderful story times while you are in the car, making dinner, needing to re-focus your learning day. link
  • One Room Schoolhouse: Wallbuilders has historical primary resources available for learners on YouTube. America’s history with truth, facts, artifacts, and Constitutional accuracy. link
  • Making Math Moments: The perfect online math solution for “thinking” math solutions. Math teachers trust these leaders who have design instructional videos to be used in the classroom, your homeschooling classroom! link
  • Math Before Bed: Numeracy is everywhere… all around us. These prompts/images will provide foundational mathematical inquiry lessons for every homeschooled learner. Using this online site will encourage: number sense; patterning; measurement; geometry; and probability. link
  • Chesskid: Is a safe-free online learning site for beginning Chess learners. Chess is one of the most basic, yet fundamental games for developing cognitive skills (strategical thinking, creativity, problem solving and analytical and critical thinking). link
  • Pictionary Online for Kids: An excellent vocabulary building game that will include the youngest learner in your family. link An English word building game that teaches grammar can be found at the Pictionary sight for ESL (English as a Second Language) link.
  • Mom Time: Laughing Kids Learn: This site is for the at-home creative moments of learning. After 10 years as a primary teacher, this stay-at-home parent wanted to help others with creative projects and meals. Sometimes… we just need a re-fueling from those who can inspire us! link
  • Discovery for Kids: Discovery texts using a “mapping” tool: This site is a worthwhile investigative resource for all learners. They can choose a topic to investigate, the subtopic to learn more about, and the reading level. link
  • Bald Beagle: Educational content that illustrates the great – and sometimes complicated – history and principles of these United States. With these video learners can discover Constitutional facts, who are Founding Fathers were, and how our Government works. link
  • Vaccines… do you need to know more? Dr. Ben Carson

Inspired Learning is a Non-Profit Tutoring service in a small community. As retired teachers, our goal is to provide services to all learners, in which no learner will be turned away because of finances.
IL is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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