MrsK’s Book Hooks: Fall Challenge

As we move forward, it is our hope that Inspired Learning becomes a source of learning hope, inspiration, and an area destination for learning support, resources, community workshops, and your local new/used bookshop! Staying Connected: Simply click on the links below to find out more! Booked2Learn Blog or Family Learning Calendar Stop by your IL Bookshop to order these titles!Continue reading “MrsK’s Book Hooks: Fall Challenge”

MrsK’s Book Hooks: Bookopolis & Goodreads

Inspiring a love of reading: By the time learners reach 7th grade, they are either “hooked” on a graphic novel… or perhaps they have a certain book theme or author that they are willing to read (especially if a silent reading book is required). What they have not learned yet, is how a “safe” socialContinue reading “MrsK’s Book Hooks: Bookopolis & Goodreads”

MrsK’s Book Hooks: Story Time with Brad Meltzer

Story time with Brad Meltzer (use the link above for the videos): Who was… ? These biographies are brilliantly woven, readers of all ages will enjoy listening while reading… then invite them to write a paragraph about that person. Remind them to list the person’s name, why they think that person impacted our country andContinue reading “MrsK’s Book Hooks: Story Time with Brad Meltzer”