Literary Foundations: Mapping Skills

Today’s literary skill: Today’s discussion will have a focus on Washington State history and the use of map skills. Spatial thinking is a skill that allows us to process and comprehend the places and spaces around us (geography, global perceptions, Earth and environmental sciences). It deepens our ability to value and engage with history (time).Continue reading “Literary Foundations: Mapping Skills”

Reading Investigations: Meet the Author

Meet the Author: Brad Meltzer… This author… this 9/11 flag finder… this ordinary man is a “people” historian. Whether he is researching and writing about historical events, biographies, or daily living perspectives, Brad is an author who sees the possibilities within each of us. He chooses historical lives that have made a difference in America’sContinue reading “Reading Investigations: Meet the Author”

MrsK’s Book Hooks: Bookopolis & Goodreads

Inspiring a love of reading: By the time learners reach 7th grade, they are either “hooked” on a graphic novel… or perhaps they have a certain book theme or author that they are willing to read (especially if a silent reading book is required). What they have not learned yet, is how a “safe” socialContinue reading “MrsK’s Book Hooks: Bookopolis & Goodreads”

Inking Thoughts: Sentencing Skills

Reading and Writing Connection: Today’s writing connection is all about learning how to write the above sentence types. Simple sentences are effective structures of expression that will communicate ideas in manageable “chunks” of complex ideas. Writer’s can clarify details without run-on sentences. Writer’s are word collectors. They weave their story details with descriptive word choiceContinue reading “Inking Thoughts: Sentencing Skills”