Reading Investigations: Sign Language

Today’s reading investigation: Sign Language Family Sharing: “What do you notice?” *Invite everyone to share. Discuss which signs could your family learn that might help communication when others are around? *There once was an opportunity to view a group of middle/high schoolers who were waiting to go on stage for a competition. I watched inContinue reading “Reading Investigations: Sign Language”

Reading Investigations

Today’s reading investigation: Comprehension skills. In every avenue of life we are making meaning from symbols. Reading words is not the only way we make meaning (comprehension). Reading includes numbers, symbols, visual signs, verbal decoding, and guided touch. The above titles are chosen for this skill building discovery. Family Sharing: “What do you know aboutContinue reading “Reading Investigations”

Reading Investigations: Autobiographies

Today’s reading investigation: Autobiography about you… What are your thoughts for today? Materials: Gather your Family Learning Journal/paper, pencils, colored pencils, or crayons Discuss: Share the slide above. Let every one share what these titles have in common. Ask: “What do you think these books would tell us about these authors?” Let each family memberContinue reading “Reading Investigations: Autobiographies”

Reading Investigations: Book Series

Family Sharing: Hank the Cowdog has been a favorite series for many families. Whether used as a read-aloud in their homes or used as an audio on the road, this series brings strong characterization and delightfully humorous situations. Discuss: “Which books have we shared as a family read aloud did you like the best?” *InviteContinue reading “Reading Investigations: Book Series”