Putting Your Thoughts on Paper: Space Journals and Doodles

Exploratory Learning: Discovery Journal entries

Gathering materials: family learning journals, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, any space books or non-fiction space (online or in print).

Reading and Writing Connection: Today’s writing connection is all about space inquiry. On the slide above you will see the arrows pointing to a writing topic. Space inquiry is a vast exploration… so if your family decides on its own topic… perfect! The examples below are easy examples that use a visual organizer (K-W-L Chart) in which learners make notes as they are learning new information:

Writing your thoughts… connections… as you explore!

Those that get done early… ask them to illustrate a scene from their book or exploration.

Family Learning Journals… one for each learner in the family… because their thoughts and connections are a treasure chest worth keeping!

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